Ongoing projects


Energy Smart Livestock Farming towards Zero Fossil Fuel Consumption

The overall objective of RES4LIVE is to provide advanced and cost-effective technologies to the livestock sector that ensure the sustainability of the farms’ operation, and the superior thermal comfort of the animals for increased productivity with minimum climate change impact.


Hydrogen and Photovoltaic Electrification on Farm

HyPErFarm joins multiple types of actors with the objective to optimize viable agrivoltaic business models as well as test the marketability of the products, via inclusion of new innovative PV technologies (PV H2- production, bifacial PV-panels), radically new crop production systems, stakeholder innovation workshops, and citizen-consumer acceptance, public perception analysis and farmer adoption studies. HyPErFarm also develops and demonstrates new ways of utilizing and distributing the energy produced on-farm.


Crop Responsive Greenhouse Agrivoltaics System with CO2 Enrichment for Higher Yields

The EU-funded REGACE Project is dedicated to developing an innovative Agrivoltaics technology that uses CO2 enrichment to sustainably increase greenhouses yields and improve electricity production.
Based upon the patented responsive tracking system, developed by REGACE partner TriSolar, the project creates systems that enable the dual use of land and infrastructure leading to reduced construction and maintenance costs, duration of execution, and the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by conventional Agrivoltaic installations.


AgriPV system with climate, water and light spectrum control for safe, healthier and improved crops production

PV4Plants is a European Horizon Project which promotes the synergy of agriculture and energy sectors thanks to an innovative agriPV technology to improve growing conditions and land use efficiency, yield and renewable energy production. Our system is based on light spectrum engineering, multi-indicator real-time monitoring system, improved microclimate beneath agriPV panels to improve health and yield while producing renewable energy. Fundamentally, PV4Plants promotes the creation of AgriPV systems with climate, water and light spectrum control for safe, healthy and improved crop production.


Create a Symbiosis where PV and agriculture can have a mutually beneficial relationship

The EU-funded SYMBIOSYST project will deliver standardised cost-effective solutions for agrivoltaics. This will involve developing PV modules, mounting structures, and operation and maintenance practices that meet the specific needs of different crops, climates and landscapes. The project will ensure the solutions developed are aesthetically pleasing and harmoniously integrated with farming practices.


Sustainable renewable energy value chains for answering farmers’ needs

To reduce the carbon footprint of the agricultural sector, promotion of decentralised renewable energy production and use is seen as a reasonable solution, also encouraging rural development. In the case of farming systems, coupling the place of production and consumption of energy allows synergies between agriculture and renewable energy technologies but usually raises several challenges, such as the high price of technologies especially for small-size farms or the energy crop vs food dilemma. VALUE4FARM aims at demonstrating three renewable-based local value chains based on agrivoltaics and biogas, and coupling sustainable food and renewable-energy production.

Completed projects


Thermochemical fluids in Greenhouse Farming

TheGreeFa aims to reduce the overall energy consumption in the greenhouses and maximise at the same time the quote of renewable energy used for cooling, heating and humidity control and to recovery water in hot and dry climate zones with two different concepts for greenhouse systems to be developed and demonstrated in Continental and Mediterranean climate.


Strategies and technologies to achieve a European Fossil-energy-Free agriculture

The main goal of AgroFossilFree is to create a framework under which critical stakeholders will cooperate to evaluate and promote the currently available Fossil-Energy-Free Technologies and Strategies (FEFTS) in EU agriculture.


RENewAble Integration and SuStainAbility iN energy CommunitiEs
Renaissance project aims to deliver a community-driven scalable and replicable approach, to implement new business models and technologies supporting clean production and shared distribution of energy in local communities.


AgroBioHeat project aims to produce a mass deployment of improved and market ready agrobiomass heating solutions in Europe. Agrobiomass is a large, underexploited and indigenous resource, which can support the achievement of the European Energy and Climate targets, while promoting rural development and circular economy.

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